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    Posted on 23 Jun 2017

    Every Shirtless Shot Of Matty J In "The Bachelor" Trailer, Ranked

    There are a lot.

    The first trailer for the new season of The Bachelor Australia is here, and it well and truly delivers on the great Bachelor tradition of having men stare at the ocean while shirtless.

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    I really hope the amount of shirtless shots in this trailer is indicative of the season overall. Also, that Matty J finds love, I guess.

    But let's get to the ranking. Because while all of these shots are A++, some are A+++++.

    8. The Extra On Home And Away Shot.


    Matty's stride is powerful; he is a man on a mission. Unfortunately the camera is too far away to give us a really good look at what that might be.

    7. The "I Know How To Carry A Surfboard" Shot.


    Matty has skills. He even knows how to rock a towel. Sadly it covers too much of his skin.

    6. The Thoughtful Stare At The Waves Shot.


    This is one of the most important shots for any Bachelor. It's the emotional crux of the show; symbolic of their yearning, their loneliness, and their allergy to shirts. Matty's back is doing great work here. But we need a little bit of face to really feel the weight of this emotional moment.

    5. The Hopeful Stare At The Waves Shot.


    This is a natural and really important progression from the Thoughtful Stare. Yearning and loneliness is giving way to excitement and hope for the future. It's still slightly wistful, but with the promise of good things to come. Not only does this shot benefit from the emotion on Matty's face, but also his nipple.

    4. The Obligatory Getting Dressed While Looking In The Mirror Shot.


    Another really crucial shot for every Bachelor. They're taking action, they're ready to take a big step, they're already displaying personal growth in their newfound ability to put on a shirt. Matty's face AND his abs are doing beautiful work here; you can really feel the importance of this occasion.

    3. The "I Can Turn On A Shower" Shot.


    His torso just has a really good profile here.

    2. The "I Can Shower" Shot.


    There's a real vulnerability on display here. Matty's hair is wet instead of its usual bouyant shape. It's been hurt before and it's afraid it will be hurt again. But his biceps are strong and resilient; they move up to provide comfort to his sad, wet hair and show that they're here for the right reasons. The reveal of his tattoo shows Matty is not afraid of commitment.

    1. The Actual Fireworks Exploding Over Abs Shot.


    Thanks to a nice transition shot, there appear to be actual fireworks exploding over Matty's abs. Just like the fireworks that will hopefully explode over other parts of his body this season. You know, like his heart. Because he's here for love. That's what this shot means. And what a glorious shot it is.

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