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    Every Shirtless Shot Of Matty J In "The Bachelor" Trailer, Ranked

    There are a lot.

    The first trailer for the new season of The Bachelor Australia is here, and it well and truly delivers on the great Bachelor tradition of having men stare at the ocean while shirtless.

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    I really hope the amount of shirtless shots in this trailer is indicative of the season overall. Also, that Matty J finds love, I guess.

    But let's get to the ranking. Because while all of these shots are A++, some are A+++++.

    8. The Extra On Home And Away Shot.

    7. The "I Know How To Carry A Surfboard" Shot.

    6. The Thoughtful Stare At The Waves Shot.

    5. The Hopeful Stare At The Waves Shot.

    4. The Obligatory Getting Dressed While Looking In The Mirror Shot.

    3. The "I Can Turn On A Shower" Shot.

    2. The "I Can Shower" Shot.

    1. The Actual Fireworks Exploding Over Abs Shot.