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    This Is How The Prime Minister Of Australia Reacts To A Phone Call From A Sex Worker


    This morning, Prime Minister Tony Abbott went on Melbourne radio to talk about the Budget.

    Taking caller feedback, he received the following question from a pensioner named Gloria:

    "I work on an adult sex line to make ends meet. Now that's the only way I can do it. I've worked out… that it's going to cost me at least an extra $850 a year with the increases in medical visits and medication… What do you suggest I cut out, Mr Abbott? Food, electricity, firewood, Christmas and birthday presents to my grandchildren? Or should we all just die and get out of your way?"

    Being an empathetic leader, this is how he reacted to the emotional call:

    His wink at Gloria's mention of working for an adult sex line as the only way she can make ends meet was particularly sensitive.

    The Prime Minister of Australia, everybody.






    You can watch the whole thing here.

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    A spokeswoman from the Prime Minister's office contacted BuzzFeed with the following statement: "The Prime Minister was by no means making any statement or judgment about the caller's work circumstances. The Prime Minister made a facial expression in response to [radio host] Mr Faine’s reaction to the details mentioned by the caller about her work. It was simply to assure Mr Faine that he was comfortable for the call to continue."