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    27 Mar 2014

    This Guy Is On A Quest To Take A Photo With Every Single Dog Breed

    Most adorable mission ever.

    This is Ryan. He's from Cairns in Australia. And he's on a mission.

    He wants to get a photo with a dog of every breed.

    He's nabbed 12 since his quest began in December.

    This is him with a Shetland Sheepdog, playing "Santa Paws" at an animal rescue over Christmas.

    Here he is with a BABY DINGO.

    This one is his own Labrador, named Quest, who is one of two electric ant detection dogs in the world.

    Here he is riding a horse alongside an Australian Kelpie, "one of the earliest registered breeds of animal in Australia".

    This is Spike the American Bulldog.

    Just hangin' with a couple of Dashchunds.

    Here's Ryan with his "wingman" Rottweiler, Goose, at three months old and seven months old.

    This is Kujo the German Shepherd.

    And a Miniature Schnauzer!

    So cute!

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