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This Guy Is On A Quest To Take A Photo With Every Single Dog Breed

Most adorable mission ever.

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This is Ryan. He's from Cairns in Australia. And he's on a mission.

Here he is with a pair of cutie patooty mongrels.

He wants to get a photo with a dog of every breed.

Like this Border Collie!

He's nabbed 12 since his quest began in December.


This is him with a Shetland Sheepdog, playing "Santa Paws" at an animal rescue over Christmas.

Here he is with a BABY DINGO.

This one is his own Labrador, named Quest, who is one of two electric ant detection dogs in the world.

(Ryan also owns the other one, Ofira).

Here he is riding a horse alongside an Australian Kelpie, "one of the earliest registered breeds of animal in Australia".

This is Spike the American Bulldog.

Just hangin' with a couple of Dashchunds.

Here's Ryan with his "wingman" Rottweiler, Goose, at three months old and seven months old.

This is Kujo the German Shepherd.

So cute!

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