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These Tiny Penguins Wearing Jumpers Will Make Your Heart Burst

It's not just a fashion statement: these jumpers save lives.

The Penguin Foundation on Phillip Island in Victoria saves the lives of penguins - by putting them in jumpers.

When penguins are caught in oil spills, their feathers become matted, making it hard for them to stay warm or hunt for food.

Until they can be cleaned, the jumpers help to keep the penguins warm and also stops them from ingesting oil in attempts to clean their feathers with their beaks.

Once the penguins are treated, they are released back into the wild in their birthday suits.

The Penguin Foundation has some dedicated volunteers who knit the jumpers, including 95-year-old Merle Davenport, who has knit over 1000!

But they always need more. You can contribute a jumper by downloading a pattern here. Get as creative as you like!

If you can't knit, you could always "adopt" a penguin to help fund the rescue and rehabilitation operations.

To find out more, check out the Penguin Foundation website or like them on Facebook.