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    There Are 15 Christmas Prince Movies And I Watched Them All

    It's a whole genre.


    This post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated to include 2018 releases.

    Like so many people last holiday season, I watched and fell in love with the terrible masterpiece that is Netflix's A Christmas Prince. Naturally, when I discovered there were other royalty-themed Christmas movies with basically the same plot, I had to watch them ALL.

    15. A Christmas In Royal Fashion (ION, 2018)

    14. A Royal Christmas Ball (ION, 2017)

    13. My Christmas Prince (Lifetime, 2017)

    12. Christmas with a Prince (UPtv, 2018)

    11. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (Netflix, 2018)

    10. A Prince For Christmas (ION, 2015)

    9. Crown For Christmas (Hallmark, 2015)

    8. Once Upon A Holiday (Hallmark, 2015)

    7. A Royal Winter (Hallmark, 2017)

    6. A Royal New Year's Eve (Hallmark, 2017)

    5. Christmas at the Palace (Hallmark, 2018)

    4. A Princess For Christmas (Hallmark, 2011)

    3. A Royal Christmas (Hallmark, 2014)

    2. The Princess Switch (Netflix, 2018)

    1. A Christmas Prince (Netflix, 2017)

    Bonus: please enjoy this A Christmas Prince drinking game, but I will not be held responsible for the damage you do to you liver.

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