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This Australian Guy With A Man Bun Has A Really Hot Instagram

Because you can never have too many in your feed.

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2. He's the director of superfood bar Acai Brothers in Queensland.

3. And he's got that man bun/beard combination of your dreams.

4. Here's his man bun and beard enjoying some strawberries and cream.

5. Here they are cuddling up to an adorable li'l dog.

9. Here's his man bun working hard.

10. ...and here it is working out.

14. Here it is doing a little bit of both.

16. And here's his man bun, with his beard, having some downtime.

18. Here's his man bun showing his mum some love.

19. ...and meeting a fellow man bun.

20. Here's his man bun literally climbing the walls.

21. And, uh... here's this.