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23 Struggles Every Aussie Who Has Travelled To America Can Relate To

Tipping is so confusing.

1. Trying to figure out the money situation when all the notes look the same.

Instagram: @therealsimonmoe / Via

2. And thinking you've got a lot of cash, when really you just have a whole bunch of one dollar notes.


3. Never using coins because they're just too confusing.

Instagram: @through_the_krystal_glass / Via

A dime? Just call it 10 cents!

4. Miscalculating the exchange rate and accidentally spending more than you intended.

5. Or thinking things are way cheaper than they really are because tax gets added on at the counter.


6. Trying to figure out how much to tip.

Wait, 10% is considered too low?!

7. And who to tip.


Do you tip the concierge? The taxi driver?!

8. And how to tip.


Everything about this process is awkward.

9. Going shopping and having zero idea what size you actually are.

Paramount Pictures

A size 8 is a... 12? Idek.

10. Resisting the urge to spend ridiculous amounts in stores or on products you can't get at home.


11. And burning through your budget real fast because you can't actually resist.


12. Adjusting to the massive time difference that means you're nearly a day behind.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

13. And losing an entire day when you travel home.


14. Having no idea what the temperature is going to be, because Fahrenheit makes no sense.

15. Realising just how "Australian" you speak when people give you a puzzled look at the most simple sentences.

16. And adjusting how you speak to avoid confusing/offending Americans.


17. Missing the foods you normally eat, even though you kinda judge yourself for it.

Instagram: @gir_reat / Via

18. Having to pay close attention at pedestrian crossings because many of them make no noise.

Juanmartinez132 / Getty Images

19. Feeling disoriented from driving or being driven on the opposite side of the road.

Instagram: @jane_mclean_ / Via

20. Low-key worrying that people around you are carrying guns.


21. Wanting to try ALL OF THE JUNK FOOD and feeling really sick as a result.

Instagram: @sanaa.patel / Via

22. Especially when confronted with the seriously massive portion sizes.

Instagram: @robcoare / Via

23. And going to the toilet in a public place and being able to make eye contact with the people outside your cubicle.

Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

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