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    I'm Obsessed With "Squid Game" Characters So I Ranked Them From Worst To Best

    So many emotions over these damn characters.

    🚨Warning: This post contains major Squid Game spoilers!🚨

    Like just about everybody else in the world, I finished Squid Game a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

    The Squid Game contestants bend on the ground while the guards watch over them

    Specifically, the characters. There are just so many lovable ones...and then there are those who are just evil scum. So I thought I'd rank them all by how much I want them to die vs. how much I want them on my team. Here they are, from worst to best...

    17. Oh Il-nam

    Il-nam stands in front of other contestants to play Red Light Green Light

    16. The VIPs

    A VIP wears a gold mask

    15. The Organ-harvesting Staff

    A staff member in a triangle mask and red jumpsuit wears a clear apron

    14. Jang Deok-su

    Deok-su looks menacing

    13. The Religious Guy

    The religious man stands in an elevator, sweating

    12. Cho Sang-woo

    Sang-woo looks emotional

    11. Hwang In-ho

    In-ho stares straight ahead into the camera

    10. The Rest of the Staff

    The staff stand in a row holding guns

    9. The Doctor

    The Doctor holds up a triangle of dalgona

    8. The Red Light, Green Light Doll

    The Red Light, Green Light doll stares at the crowd

    7. The Recruiter

    The recruiter holds up a blue and red square of cardboad

    6. Han Mi-nyeo

    Mi-nyeo laughs at Deoksu

    5. Hwang Jun-ho

    Jun-ho looks ahead as he talks to someone

    4. Seong Gi-hun

    Gi-hun smiles into the camera

    3. Ji-yeong

    Ji-yeong looks up from crouching on the ground

    2. Ali Abdul

    Ali talks to another player in the dorm

    1. Kang Sae-byeok

    Sae-byeok sits in the dorm and looks up towards someone or something

    Who were your fave Squid Game characters?