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    I'm Obsessed With "Squid Game" Characters So I Ranked Them From Worst To Best

    So many emotions over these damn characters.

    🚨Warning: This post contains major Squid Game spoilers!🚨

    Like just about everybody else in the world, I finished Squid Game a couple of weeks ago and have not been able to stop thinking about it since.

    The Squid Game contestants bend on the ground while the guards watch over them
    YOUNGKYU PARK / Netflix

    Specifically, the characters. There are just so many lovable ones...and then there are those who are just evil scum. So I thought I'd rank them all by how much I want them to die vs. how much I want them on my team. Here they are, from worst to best...

    17. Oh Il-nam

    Il-nam stands in front of other contestants to play Red Light Green Light


    What a bastard. The fact that he was charming only makes it hurt worse. He didn't care about anyone's feelings — anyone's LIFE — but his own. Scum. 

    16. The VIPs

    A VIP wears a gold mask

    Absolute detestable pigs. Also...the worst acting on the show. Painful to watch. Hate everything here. 

    15. The Organ-harvesting Staff

    A staff member in a triangle mask and red jumpsuit wears a clear apron

    These guys are rape-y vultures. *Shudder*

    14. Jang Deok-su

    Deok-su looks menacing

    He's a ruthless bully who gives no fucks about killing anyone and everyone getting in his way. Somehow, in Squid Game, he's still not the worst. 

    13. The Religious Guy

    The religious man stands in an elevator, sweating

    Technically he's not THAT bad I guess, but he annoys me more than just about every other character. I'm sorry.

    12. Cho Sang-woo

    Sang-woo looks emotional

    He put himself first every step of the way, betraying his friends in big and small ways — after being in a bad financial situation because he actually defrauded others. He's not a good guy. But...he really loves his mom? Still, I can never forgive him for Ali or Sae-byeok. 

    11. Hwang In-ho

    In-ho stares straight ahead into the camera

    I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about In-ho. How did he go from donating his kidney to his brother to KILLING him and working for the game? He's awful...but intriguing. 

    10. The Rest of the Staff

    The staff stand in a row holding guns

    It's easy to hate faceless drones, but not as easy as it is to hate everyone else on this list before them.

    9. The Doctor

    The Doctor holds up a triangle of dalgona

    What he does is perhaps no worse than what others do...but it's still so repugnant. Wasn't sad to see him die.

    8. The Red Light, Green Light Doll

    The Red Light, Green Light doll stares at the crowd

    She's creepy as hell and totally murderous, but also iconic! She's only doing what she was programmed to do, after all. 

    7. The Recruiter

    The recruiter holds up a blue and red square of cardboad

    Look, he's hot. He can slap me any time — I'm not even sorry. 

    6. Han Mi-nyeo

    Mi-nyeo laughs at Deoksu

    She was a much more layered and interesting character than she seemed to be at first, and frankly a lot of fun to watch, even when she was doing nasty shit.

    5. Hwang Jun-ho

    Jun-ho looks ahead as he talks to someone

    He's smart, determined, and seems really caring — he went to so much effort to try to find and save his brother — or at least discover what happened to him — only to end up shot by him. Poor Jun-ho. Here's hoping he gets justice if there is a Season 2!

    Also, yes, he's a total babe.

    4. Seong Gi-hun

    Gi-hun smiles into the camera

    Gi-hun is a huge surprise because in the first episode it was sometimes difficult to have sympathy for him, but as the story unfolds and we learn more about him and his background, it's hard not to be swept up in his humor, his enthusiasm, and his attempts to do the right thing even in the most brutal circumstances. Still, I wish he'd just gotten on that goddamn plane.

    3. Ji-yeong

    Ji-yeong looks up from crouching on the ground

    She's an angel who deserved so much better than what she got! Including the limited screentime — it would have been great to learn more about her. But what we did get was enough to embed her in our hearts forever. 

    2. Ali Abdul

    Ali talks to another player in the dorm

    Speaking of characters who deserved better...will I ever recover from Sang-woo's betrayal of Ali? It seems unlikely. He was too kind and trusting for his own good. I can't even talk about it. 

    1. Kang Sae-byeok

    Sae-byeok sits in the dorm and looks up towards someone or something

    She's tough and sometimes does bad things, but for very good reasons. All she wants is to protect her family and go to Jeju Island. She's really quite pure and NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. Damn you, Sang-woo!

    Who were your fave Squid Game characters?