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    21 Burning Questions I Have About "Squid Game"

    We need a Season 2 so we can have answers (and also, it would be great).

    This post contains major Squid Game spoilers — you've been warned.

    Sang-woo, Gi-hun, and Sae-byeok stand in a row in front of beds in the dormitory

    1. First of all, who is this hot guy who recruits (and slaps) people?

    The recruiter — a man in a suit — sits in a train station looking at Gi-hun

    2. Also, is he the only recruiter?

    The recruiter stands with Gi-hun in a train station

    3. How did the staff get involved?

    The Squid Game staff, wearing black masks with shapes on the front and red jumpsuits, stand in a room with metal walls

    4. And what about the human prop women?

    One of the VIPs sits on a couch with his foot propped up on a kneeling woman in body paint; another body-painted woman stands behind the couch with her eyes closed

    5. The game has been running since 1988 — are there always the same number of people?

    The contestants stand in a large group in the dormitory; some sit on beds in the background

    6. And do they always play the same games?

    The contestants kneel on the ground in an oversized playground setting with guards watching over them

    7. What happened to all the other past winners?

    A list of past winners; the writing is in Korean

    8. Is there always just one winner?

    Gi-hun stands outside, wet and bloody

    9. Has anyone else ever tried to share their story or report the games besides Gi-hun?

    Gi-hun yells at a police officer sitting opposite him in a police station

    10. What happened to the people who didn’t return to the game after the majority voted to leave?

    Contestants stand in front of a sign in the dormitory that has the number 187 on it indicating how many people are there

    11. By the way, did Mi-nyeo really have a baby she hadn’t named?

    Mi-nyeo looks shocked sitting in her bed

    12. How did In-ho go from being in the game to being the Front Man?

    In-ho stares at the camera

    13. When did he become the Front Man?

    The Front Man in his black mask walks down a hallway

    14. Did Jun-ho actually die?

    Jun-ho is dirty and wet and stares ahead in shock

    15. And did any of the videos he sent to his colleague actually get through?

    Close-up of Jun-ho's phone screen as he attempts to send videos

    16. What exactly did the VIP he recorded reveal?

    An old white VIP kneels on the ground with eyes wide and a gun pointed at his head

    17. How did the members with the organ-stealing side hustle set up their operation without detection?

    Three staff members with circle masks stand around coffins

    18. Did all the staff know Il-nam was actually the boss?

    Il-nam lies on his bed covered in a blanket as a staff member leans over him

    19. What happened to Il-nam’s wife and son?

    Il-nam and Gi-hun look at each other

    20. And who is running the game now that Il-nam is dead?

    Close-up of Il-nam on his death bed

    21. Finally, will we get a Season 2?!

    A red-haired Gi-hun walks out of an airport tunnel with a determined look on his face

    What are your burning questions after watching Squid Game?