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    I Rewatched "Game Of Thrones" Season 1, Episode 3 And Had Many Thoughts

    "I miss that character" - me in literally every scene. Warning: contains spoilers for Season 6.

    1. The Starks are entering the Red Keep. DON'T DO IT. DON’T DO IT. TURN BACK NOW.

    2. Huh. I never noticed the stag above the gates before.

    3. Ned can make anything look menacing. Look at him removing those gloves. What a badass.

    4. Him walking in to the throne room and seeing Jaime sitting in front of the Iron Throne must be giving him major déjà vu. It definitely calls to mind when he found Jaime ON the Iron Throne after he’d killed King Aerys II at the end of Robert’s Rebellion.

    5. I’ve said this before, but I really do miss the Prince Charming vibe Jaime had going on with this hair and shiny armour.

    6. He comes across as so smug, but I feel like he's actually trying to make Ned understand that he wasn’t the bad guy when it came to killing Aerys.

    7. And isn’t it a TINY bit hypocritical of Ned, especially in light of what we know went down at the Tower of Joy??

    8. Poor Jaime.

    9. Still, distrusting the Lannisters is the smartest thing Ned ever did. Too bad he wasn’t more cautious around Cersei.

    10. Oh hi Varys!

    11. Renly! I miss Renly!

    12. Ned is so happy to see him. Same.

    13. Littlefinger, you can fuck right off. Everything bad that has happened is all your fault.

    14. Huh. His weird accent is not as strong here.

    15. Pycelle, I’m not gonna miss you tbh.

    16. Just how much debt is the crown in these days? The final war in the series will just be everyone coming for their debts.

    17. Cersei telling Joffrey that “the truth will be what you make it” when he becomes king actually does pretty much come true, if the Braavos play is anything to go by. ~The people~ seem to have a much nicer view of Joffrey than anyone who actually knew him.

    18. "The occasional kindness will spare you much trouble down the road." Joffrey didn’t really take that lesson on board, did he.

    19. Cersei explaining that the North can’t be held and that it’ll be especially troublesome when Winter comes is VERY interesting in light of the fact that she’s now queen, while Jon Snow rules the North and Winter has come. BRING ON SEASON 7.

    20. “Everyone who isn't us is an enemy.” - Cersei's own personal words.

    21. Arya is so ready to kill Joffrey already. Me too, bb Stark. Me too.

    22. Man, Daddy Ned is the best Ned.

    23. I miss him so much. I didn’t realise how much until I started this rewatch.

    24. Sansa rejecting the doll Ned had made for her breaks my heart.

    25. But also, like, she had a DIREWOLF, of course a doll isn’t going to fill that hole.

    26. This Ned and Arya scene is so heartwarming. But also it hurts, knowing what’s to come.

    27. "Do you know the first thing about sword fighting?" "Stick ‘em with the pointy end!" Oh, my Stark feels.

    28. Ned is laughing with Arya and my skin is clear, my crops have grown, my grades have improved, my whole soul is cleansed.

    29. "I hate them. I hate all of them. The Hound, the queen and the king, and Joffrey and Sansa…” Man, Arya had her list going before she even ~had a list~.

    30. I am here for Ned standing up for Sansa. She really was in a horrible position, also she was a CHILD. Sansa haters take a seat.

    31. "Now Winter is truly coming and in the Winter we must protect ourselves, look after one another… I don't want to frighten you, but I won't lie to you either. We've come to a dangerous place. We cannot fight a war amongst ourselves." Holy shit, I knew that Jon’s speech to Sansa in the Season 6 finale was a throwback to this scene with Ned, but rewatching it drives home just how strong the connection is. Right down to the “Winter is coming/Winter has come” circle. I need a moment.

    32. Meanwhile, Winter only took SIX SEASONS to actually arrive.

    33. Still faster than Dany.

    34. Ned letting Arya keep Needle, and then getting her lessons so she knows how to use it, is so perfect. What a good dad.

    35. I love Old Nan and her scary stories. I wish she got more scenes.

    36. Dunk reference for those prequel readers playing along at home.

    37. Every time I see Robb’s beautiful face on screen I am both so happy and so sad.

    38. Cat screaming at Littlefinger and calling him “you little worm” is giving me life.

    39. I totally forgot Littlefinger’s dagger was Valyrian steel. Does he still have that? It could come in handy up North…

    40. Littlefinger lying about Tyrion smdh.


    42. Meanwhile Jon is casually destroying literally everyone who tries to fight him.

    43. I’m into it, tbh.

    44. Jeor Mormont! I miss him.


    46. "Ah, the Starks. Quick tempers, slow minds." Littlefinger has the whole ~muttering to self in an evil manner~ thing down pat.

    47. Grenn and Pyp! I miss them. Especially Grenn.

    48. I forgot how they kinda hated Jon at first.

    49. "Everybody knew what this place was and no one told me. No one but you. My father knew and he left me to rot at the Wall all the same." Oh wow. I completely forgot how disillusioned Jon was with the Night’s Watch when he got there.

    50. And that SHADE at Ned. Hey Jon, I’m pretty sure in Episode 1 you said he didn’t want you to join the Night’s Watch, and you were the one begging to go. Also, he totally only let you join because he was off to King’s Landing and didn’t want to leave you vulnerable at Winterfell because of R+L=J and also probably Cat’s bitchiness.

    51. Tyrion telling Jon to check his privilege is great, though.

    52. Meanwhile in King's Landing, Cat saying “he would never betray my trust” about Littlefinger makes me literally want to bang my head against a hard surface.

    53. And/or kill Littlefinger.

    54. Sansa is smarter than Cat, at least. She knows not to trust him.

    55. Now Cersei is blaming Jaime for attempting to kill Bran, like she didn’t basically tell him to do it.

    56. Jaime saying he’d kill everyone if it meant he and Cersei were the only two people left – something he says quite a few times throughout the series – makes me seriously concerned about where he’s headed in Season 7.

    57. Like, I’m pretty sure he will split from Cersei and also possibly kill her at some point.

    58. But there is a chance he will side with her, at least for a little while.

    59. I really don’t want that to happen.

    60. Damn, Cat leaving King’s Landing without seeing her daughters is so upsetting.

    61. And her saying goodbye to Ned FOR THE LAST TIME is tearing me apart.

    62. “That temper of yours is a dangerous thing.” Nice foreshadowing, Ned.

    63. I love how Cat gives zero fucks about Littlefinger being in love with her.

    64. Please, let Sansa be that way next season. Please.

    65. Damnnn this kiss. I wish we got more Ned and Cat scenes.

    66. This close up of Ned’s face. Oh my god. HIS EMOTIONS. MY EMOTIONS. SEAN FUCKING BEAN EVERYBODY.

    67. I’m sobbing.

    68. Barristan and Lancel! Now both dead. I’m really sad about one of them.

    69. Robert describing his first kill, a random Tarly: "I knocked him down with a hammer. Gods, I was strong then. Caved in his breastplate…" Isn't that also exactly how he killed Rhaegar?

    70. Man, I hope we get to see that play out on screen at some point.


    72. Robert really was so mean to Lancel.

    73. Meanwhile Lancel probably had the most dramatic character arc out of anyone on this show, just quietly.

    74. "What did the Mad King say when you stabbed him in the back?" "He said the same thing he'd been saying for hours. Burn them all."


    76. Poor Jaime. Robert and Ned treated him so badly. Even without knowing the whole truth, they at least knew Aerys was batshit insane. Also, it was ROBERT’S Rebellion. They should take some of the credit/blame.

    77. LOL @ Dany stopping the entire Dothraki horde because she wants to wander through the tall grass.

    78. "Not a queen. A Khaleesi." YAASS DANY. OWN THAT TITLE.

    79. Lol. Back when she only had one.

    80. Honestly though, how did people think that was actually her name for so long? It’s pretty clearly a title??

    81. RAKHARO. I miss him.

    82. I miss so many characters.

    83. Me @ anyone starting this show for the first time: DON’T GET TOO ATTACHED TO LITERALLY ANYONE.

    84. I fucking love how Jorah ignores Viserys and Rakharo makes him walk by himself.

    85. Gosh, Jon looks so cold.

    86. I wonder if he finally got warm in Winterfell.

    87. Oh he’s seeing the view from the top of the Wall for the first time. Big moment.

    88. Remember when he was there for Ygritte’s first time?

    89. And she was there for another of his *cough*.

    90. "I'm ready." Look I love Jon, but he was a bit of an arrogant little bugger at first, wasn’t he?

    91. He’s grown so much since then.

    92. "We'll speak when I return." Poor Jon, everyone says that to him and then they never return.

    93. I hope he and Benjen reunite though. That would be amazing.

    94. Yoren! He was great. Goddamn Season 1 is so full of now-dead characters, it’s too much.

    95. Benjen going in on Tyrion reminds me a lot of Ned.

    96. He really did make an impact, considering how few scenes he got – I hope they didn’t just bring him back for those two episodes in Season 6. More Coldhands in Season 7, please!

    97. I wonder if Tyrion believes in giants and White Walkers now that he’s seen dragons.

    98. If he doesn’t, he better start believing soon. WINTER IS HERE.

    99. "He'll be north of the Wall for a month or two." Six seasons later…

    100. Jorah talking about how crap the Dothraki weapons are against Westerosi armour is a bit worrying, given where they’re currently headed.

    101. Orrr maybe it’s a good thing? If they’re fighting the North, at least.

    102. Shit if that happens who will I even side with?!

    103. I hope they build an alliance quick smart.

    104. Hopefully through Jon and Dany’s marriage.

    105. And yes I know they’re related, but they’re Targaryens, also this show has ruined me, don’t @ me.

    106. Jorah talking about Jeor is giving me feelings.

    107. OMG that little shit running off to report that Dany is pregnant the moment he finds out. TRAITOR, JORAH. TRAITOR.

    108. Jon is training the other guys and winning their love and loyalty thanks to Tyrion's advice. Combined with the excellent “bastard” speech, Tyrion actually shaped a significant portion of Jon’s journey/character.

    109. I can’t wait until they meet again, it’s going to be epic.

    110. And will definitely help form that alliance of ice and fire.

    111. Oh, Maester Aemon. Do I even need to say it?

    112. Yeah. You got it. I MISS HIM.

    113. "The Starks are always right eventually. Winter is coming." People make fun of the Starks for being stupid, but it’s pretty smart to make your house words something that EVENTUALLY always comes true now, isn’t it?

    114. I mean how is “growing strong” doing for House Tyrell these days, hmmm?

    115. Sorry, that was way too soon. I’m mad at myself.

    116. "The Night's Watch is the only thing standing between the realm and what's beyond." So, they started out with less than 1000 men in Season 1, and now there’s what, 12 of them?! The realm is in serious trouble.

    117. This scene of Dany and Drogo snuggling in bed is when I started to ship them hard and it’s so problematic given what came before.

    118. Tyrion can cross pissing from the top of the Wall off his bucket list.

    119. Aw, Jon is sorry to see Tyrion go.

    120. And he wants him to visit Bran and tell him he misses him.

    121. My heart can’t take this.



    124. "Boy, girl. You are a sword. That is all." OMG he started Arya’s “no one” training early.

    125. Jaqen is Syrio, confirmed.

    126. Ned happily watching Arya train, and then being overcome by war flashbacks, is messing me up big time.

    127. That was a bit of a non-event ending though, considering the previous two episodes ended with Bran falling and then Bran waking up.

    128. This episode definitely felt like set-up/filler. So many new characters were introduced.

    129. Next week: “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” aka THE ONE WITH THE TOURNEY. As our fave bastard says, I'M READY.