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Congrats! Ruby Rose Is Engaged To Phoebe Dahl

The Australian model announced her engagement to the clothing designer (and granddaughter of Roald Dahl) via Instagram.

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On Saturday, Australian model and DJ Ruby Rose posted this photo on Instagram.

The caption read: "After asking her to be mine 3 times always to be rejected I swore I'd never ask again... then this morning at 6 am she broke into my house with flowers, coffee and a question... and I said.. go fuck yourself... just kidding I said..."

She confirmed that she was engaged to Phoebe Dahl on the Kyle and Jackie O show on KIIS FM this morning.

“She broke into my house with flowers and a card at like five in the morning, she gets down on one knee and says ‘Ruby, will you marry me’ ... I was so convinced it was a prank,” Ruby revealed. “This was a prank that went horribly right... This is my soulmate, this is the woman of my life, we’re so in love."

Ruby recently posted a picture of a ring to Instagram, with the caption "Pippa small boutique all handmade jewellery... ethical unaffected diamonds... she's a unique girl."

She also posted a picture of Catherine McNeil, saying the model was "celebrating my engagement with me."

Ruby and Catherine were previously engaged to each other, but called it off in 2010. They remain friends.

Phoebe, who owns a charitable clothing company, took to her own Instagram to celebrate the engagement.

"Here we go little boy...let's start this beautiful journey together."

Ruby has also revealed she wears a vial of Phoebe's blood as a necklace.

"Nothing quite says love like a vile of her blood... it pumps through her heart keeping every fibre of her being alive on this magical earth... I'm going to make it into a necklace. So she's always living in, on and around me."

She also has her fiancée's name on a necklace, which she showed off in a picture modelling Phoebe's clothing line.

"Linen @faircloth_clothing shirt is my jam. Does not come with romantic and untraditional necklace pair."

The pair are clearly smitten.

"She's a dream boat."

So cute!

"My childhood dream of hooking up with Alex Mack has finally been fulfilled."

CONGRATS Ruby and Phoebe!