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    Updated on 25 Jul 2018. Posted on 23 Jul 2018

    The First Trailer For "Riverdale" Season 3 Is Here And It Looks Wild

    This show just keeps on pulling me back in.

    Good news, Riverdale fans (or those with Stockholm Syndrome who just can't quit the show, like me): Season 3 is less than three months away! Here's the first teaser.

    Evil lurks in this town. #Riverdale returns Wednesday, October 10 on The CW. Stream for free on The CW App:

    We get to see Archie and the gang in his iconic jalopy, heading for some downtime after the "summer from hell".


    You know, since Archie has been framed for murder by Hiram Lodge and all.

    They look like they're having fun.


    Honestly, this is the shit that keeps me going. Just give me adorable contemporary teen drama! We don't need any mafia subplots!

    I mean, look how cute AND intriguing this is.


    But lol, this is Riverdale, so of course that's not all they're going to give us. The teaser also hints at Betty's mum and sister getting more involved with that weird cult at the Farm.


    Somebody protect the twins!

    Meanwhile, the San Diego Comic-Con panel revealed even more about what we can expect about Season 3, including:

    * Jughead's mum and sister finally making an appearance (yay!).

    * A flashback episode in which the main cast will play the younger versions of their parents (oooh!).

    * Archie's murder trial (hmmm).

    * Another musical episode (ugh).

    * Veronica running a speak-easy out of Pop's (wut).

    * Hiram trying to bring Veronica down/control her (siiiigh).

    * Hermione trying to bring Hiram down (siiiiiiiiiiigh).

    * Varchie running into problems (noooo).

    * Bughead investigating things (cool).

    * Me losing my sanity, no doubt (uh oh).

    Bring on October 10, I guess!


    While you wait, please enjoy this video I made of every time Archie appears shirtless on Riverdale.

    Facebook: video.php

    The best part of the show, tbh – aside from Cheryl, of course.

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