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    Here's What The "Riverdale" Teens Look Like Playing Their Parents In A Flashback

    It totally works.

    ICYMI, an upcoming episode of Riverdale will be a flashback to the early '90s, when the parents were in high school. And yep, the young cast are all taking on the roles of their characters' parents.

    The CW

    I for one am very excited about it. We'll learn more about all the adults' relationships with each other – not to mention their involvement with the mysterious Gryphons & Gargoyles game that has resurfaced in Riverdale.

    And the young actors playing the younger version of their parents actually works so well. Just check out these shots from the flashback episode compared with the '90s versions of the older cast...

    KJ Apa as Fred vs Luke Perry in Beverly Hills 90210

    The CW, Fox

    KJ has nailed that forehead crinkle.

    Cole Sprouse as FP vs Skeet Ulrich in Scream

    The CW, Dimension Films

    The strands of hear flopping on his forehead really make it.

    Lili Reinhart as Alice vs Madchen Amick in Twin Peaks

    The CW, ABC

    These two could actually be related.

    Camila Mendes as Hermione vs Marisol Nichols in Scream 2

    The CW, Miramax

    It's all about the centre part.

    Ashleigh Murray as Sierra vs Robin Givens in Head of the Class

    The CW, ABC

    The style is on point.

    Casey Cott as Tom vs Martin Cummins in Poltergeist: The Legacy

    The CW, Showtime

    It's not easy to find pictures of young Martin – but I totally buy this.

    Madelaine Petsch as Penelope vs Nathalie Boltt in Isidingo

    The CW, SABC

    Young Nathalie is without the iconic Blossom red hair but this is still a pretty good match.

    Madelaine Petsch as POSSIBLY Mary vs Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink

    The CW, Paramount Pictures

    Okay, this one is PURE fan theory, but I love it so I'm including it. A lot of people think that because Madelaine is sporting different glasses and styles in these photos, she may be playing TWO characters in the flashback. Many believe in addition to Penelope, she's also playing Archie's mother, Mary. If true, this could mean Mary is secretly a Blossom relative, which means Archie would be related to Cheryl AND Betty. Wild.

    We'll hopefully get a lot of answers when the flashback episode airs on November 7.

    The CW

    Although I will forever question the fact that these kids married each other and then pumped out babies at the EXACT same time. But it's probably, like, the 1000th least ridiculous thing about Riverdale, tbh.

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