The Greatest Love Story Australia Has Ever Seen Is Coming To An End

Rhonda and Ketut really are kaput.

1. It was the romance that captured the hearts of a nation. But alas, our time with them has come to an end. Today an AAMI executive told Mumbrella there would be no more ads featuring Rhonda and Ketut.


2. When we first met Rhonda, she was Ketut-less but happy, because being a safe driver had made her really popular.

3. With the insurance savings she made for being a safe driver, Rhonda took herself to Bali. And Ketut.

AAMI / Via

4. He made her a “special drink”.

AAMI / Via

5. He told her she looked hot like a sunrise.

AAMI / Via

6. He made her umbrella go up.

AAMI / Via

7. And then he WINKED.

AAMI / Via

8. Rhonda was smitten. And so was Australia.

AAMI / Via

9. Facebook pages were created in their honour…

10. And people tweeted their feels.

Let's be real Rhonda and Ketut are the ultimate otp

— hySTEREKal (@Geordie_Meg)

rhonda and ketut are the bomb

— pistachio spongebob (@semenstyles)


— THANKYOU LUKE | bri (@tropicalharryy_)

Someday I want to be as happy in love as Rhonda and Ketut.

— Sarah (@s_j_co)

Reckon it's about time Rhonda and ketut made a porn #nextlevel

— Mickey Edwards (@mickey_edwards)

Rhonda and Ketut is still a better love story then twilight

— Laura Day (@LauraDay9)

16. Rhonda arrived back in Australia, and got all giggly when her friend questioned her about a holiday romance.

AAMI / Via

17. Turns out she had some… fond memories.


18. But she showed up to her high school reunion alone.

AAMI / Via

19. In swooped Trent Toogood.

AAMI / Via

20. And it seemed like Ketut was too late.

AAMI / Via

21. But then Rhonda lost her brake foot bling…

AAMI / Via

22. And it became a fairy tale moment.

AAMI / Via

23. Trent moved on pretty quick.

AAMI / Via

24. And they all lived happily ever after.

AAMI / Via

25. Fairwell, Rhonda and Ketut. If you want to have a token of their love, you can actually buy Rhonda’s brake foot bling on eBay (proceeds are going to charity). Check it out here modeled by Hamish and Andy.

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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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