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    The New Version Of Jane Austen's "Emma" Is The Perfect Escape To Everything Else Happening In The World

    PSA: Mr Knightley's butt is involved.

    There's a new movie based on Jane Austen's Emma, and it's the delightful regency rom-com the world needs right now.

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    If you're a fan of the book, rest assured that it's faithful to the spirit of the original, while also adding unique touches that make the narrative feel fresh and different to previous adaptations.

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    Emma is one of Austen's most ~controversial~ heroines because, well, she's a privileged, meddling snob. But she's also complicated – something which the movie highlights well.

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    Anya Taylor-Joy nails all of Emma's charm as well as her less flattering qualities, but what really stands out is the way the movie highlights Emma's isolation and loneliness, which is actually a motivating factor in so many of her bad decisions.

    Johnny Flynn, meanwhile, brings his best yearning-for-your-best-friend energy to Mr Knightley, and is pretty irresistible in the role.

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    The film wisely leans away from focusing on the age difference between Emma and Knightley and how intertwined their families are, instead exploring the respectful and comfortable relationship they have with each other.

    Also: there's a full-on shot of Knightley's butt in the early minutes of the film which will have you saying, "Wet shirt Darcy who"? You know, if you're thirsty like that.

    The chemistry between Emma and Knightley is great – particularly when it comes to their dance scene, which is honestly one of the hottest dance scenes in the history of period dramas.

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    It's all about the eye contact and hand touches.

    The supporting cast are fantastic, with Bill Nighy's Mr. Woodhouse is a particular highlight.

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    He's much less frail than previous versions of Emma's father have been, which works to emphasize his hypochondria and world-weariness, to great comedic effect.

    Miranda Hart as Miss Bates is also wonderful – she will definitely make you laugh, but also tear your heart out come THAT scene at Box Hill.

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    While the movie has a lot of heart, Autumn de Wilde's direction really teases out the comedic elements of the original story, while also adding new ones.

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    The portrayal of the ever-present but on-the-edges servants, for instance, low-key steals the show.

    To top it off, Emma is a visually stunning movie, with gorgeous landscapes and set design...

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    Not to mention the loveliest costumes.

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    Basically, if you need to escape the dumpster fire that is the real world for two hours – this is a really good place to do it.

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