18 Reasons The Huntsman Spider Is Your New Best Friend

    They're so misunderstood.

    1. This is a huntsman spider.

    2. Isn't she cute?

    3. It's so fluffy!

    4. Did you know huntsman spiders just want to be your friends?

    5. They don't hurt humans.

    6. It's incredibly rare for a huntsman to bite a human - they generally only do if you're really bugging them, and even then the bite is mild and pretty much harmless.

    7. Mostly they just want to hang out.

    8. They move in to homes and cars and sit there quietly, just enjoying your company.

    9. They don't even build webs, so they keep their area very clean.

    10. They even get rid of nasty cockroaches and other bugs for you.

    11. Of course they can be a little shy, so it's best not to hassle them too much.

    12. If you do, there's a good chance they'll run away. They scare pretty easily, poor things.

    13. Of course, they have more reason to fear you than you have to fear them.

    14. You can kill them. You might even want to kill them. But what did they ever do to you?


    16. You can always evict them using a container and gently placing them outside.

    17. Or you could just let them stay.

    18. BFFLs!