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    29 Reasons Sansa Stark Is Actually The Best “Game Of Thrones” Character

    Queen in the North!

    1. Perhaps more than any other character in Game of Thrones, Sansa is the one who has grown the most.


    2. She started out innocent and sweet, with big dreams.

    3. But that didn't mean she was weak.

    4. Look at this queen of sass.

    5. She always knew what she wanted, and had the determination to make that happen.

    6. But when her dream turned into a nightmare, she adapted.

    7. She risked her own safety to try to save her father.

    8. And always stood up for herself whenever she could.

    9. But she also knew to pick her battles, and protect herself.

    10. Even before Littlefinger got his hands on her, she was playing the game.

    11. She was strategic and smart and SURVIVED in King's Landing, despite being surrounded by deadly enemies.

    12. When she got the right opportunity, she escaped.

    13. It didn't take her long to figure Littlefinger out.

    14. But she learned as much from him as she could.

    15. While expertly navigating his web of deception.

    16. And teaching this little brat a lesson along the way.

    17. In the Vale, she proved her needle could be a weapon just as much as Arya's.

    18. Something which was reinforced at Castle Black.

    19. She has survived some of the worst things to happen to any character in this series.

    20. And managed to escape the insidious clutches of Ramsay Bolton.

    21. The strength that she has always had is now being unleashed.

    22. She is once again ready and able to fight for her family.

    23. Because she loves fiercely and loyally.

    24. And she fucking remembers, like a true Northerner.

    25. But she isn't afraid to own up to her mistakes, and learn from them.

    26. Or hold other people accountable for theirs.

    27. She's unapologetic about what she's been through – and her confrontation with Littlefinger was probably one of the best things the show has ever done.

    28. Now she is ready to FUCK RAMSAY BOLTON UPPPP.

    29. She's the goddamn true QUEEN IN THE NORTH.