Guys, Theon Is Not A Coward On "Game Of Thrones"

    Stop hating on Theon 2k17. Warning: contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 2.

    In this week's Game of Thrones, we finally saw the sea battle that has featured so heavily in all of the trailers for Season 7.

    And shit went DOWN. Euron's insane savagery was on full display. He killed a couple of Sand Snakes, then captured Yara and taunted Theon, causing Theon to jump ship.

    This made a lot of fans angry, with many calling Theon weak and a coward.

    And to those fans, I'm here to say: Sorry, but you are WRONG.

    Yes, the moment was completely heartbreaking, but you have to remember that Theon suffered through multiple seasons of horrific psychological and physical torture at the hands of the WORST guy this show has ever seen (and that's saying something).

    Despite all of that, Theon proved how brave he was when he helped Sansa escape – including the way he literally ran back towards the Bolton men, risking being recaptured or killed to protect her.

    Not exactly the actions of a coward.

    Even in the sea battle, Theon bravely fought and killed multiple enemies, and it was only when he was faced with his fellow Ironborn having body parts ripped out, compounded by his uncle's maniacal taunts and his sister being captured, that he was triggered and regressed into "Reek".

    It took a lot to get him to this point, and really, given what he's been through, it's not surprising. Gut-wrenching, yes, but not surprising.

    It's also important to note that jumping ship was literally the only action he could have taken at this point that gave him and Yara ANY chance of survival.

    It's also significant that this isn't the first time Theon has been in this kind of situation. In Season 1, Bran was held at knifepoint by a wildling. Back then, Theon attacked – and was criticised by Robb for doing so.

    The fact that Theon is still alive means he has an important part to play in the plot. So here's hoping he'll be able to rescue Yara, who is probably part of Euron's "gift" for Cersei. At the very least, how awesome is it gonna be to watch Theon kill Euron?

    In the meantime, stop hating on Theon!

    Please and thank you.