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    For Everyone Who Still Loves Peter Kavinsky From "To All The Boys"

    Peter K. always and forever.

    As soon as the first To All The Boys I've Loved Before movie dropped, Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) immediately became the internet's boyfriend, and hasn't really left our hearts since.

    Peter Kavinsky kisses Lara Jean's hand

    1. When he offered to write Lara Jean notes everyday, and then followed through and wrote the sweetest things to her.

    2. When he put his hand in Lara Jean's back pocket just like she wanted, and then made her do the most adorable little spin.

    3. When he had a pillow fight with Kitty and moved the popcorn out of the way so it wouldn't make a mess.

    4. When he consistently listened to Lara Jean, no matter what the subject was.

    Lara Jean telling Peter Kavinsky "you're a good listener"

    5. When he took a cute photo of Lara Jean and made it his phone lock screen and said "girl, come on, you know I already got it".

    6. And then when he put Lara Jean's scrunchie on his wrist and snapped it.

    7. When he grabbed Lara Jean's hand and said "leggo".

    8. The whole hot tub scene, but most especially when he revealed that he went across town to get Yakult for Lara Jean.

    9. And when it was very clear by his expression just how into Lara Jean he was.

    10. And, of course, when he complimented Lara Jean and pulled her in close and kissed her.

    11. When he walked Lara Jean back to her room, pulled her in for more kisses, then looked at her like this.

    Peter looking right into the camera while wearing a robe

    12. When he snuggled into Lara Jean's shoulder and had a nap on the bus.

    13. When he told Lara Jean he loved her and looked incredibly happy as a result.

    14. Every time he bonded with Kitty, but especially when he brought her flowers.

    15. When he took Lara Jean on multiple romantic dates, but particularly the lantern date.

    Pater and Lara Jean holding a lantern with "LJ & PK" written on it in a heart

    16. When he picked Lara Jean up even though he was upset with her because he knew she was scared of driving in the snow.

    Peter saying "You said you didn't like driving in the snow right"

    17. When Peter flipped his "you going to break my heart, Covey?" question from the first movie and offered it to her totally.

    Peter saying "break my heart Covey, break my heart into a thousand pieces, do whatever you want"

    18. When Peter asked Kitty to teach him how to braid Lara Jean's hair.

    Peter saying "if you promise to teach me how to braid Lara Jean's hair"

    19. When Peter promposed to Lara Jean at 'their' diner.

    A plate of pancakes with "prom?" written on it

    20. And when he channeled John Cusack in Say Anything...

    Peter standing in front of his car and holding a bluetooth speaker over his head

    21. When he was so excited to see Lara Jean he picked her up and swung her around.

    22. When he gave her a whole bunch of enthusiastic kisses.

    23. When Peter found out Lara Jean had been lying about getting into Stanford and instead of getting angry with her, he recognized she had been struggling, prioritized her feelings and asked if she was okay.

    Peter looking concerned and saying "are you okay?"

    24. Every single time Peter pulled Lara Jean in for a kiss.

    Peter and Lara Jean kissing in a marquee set up for a wedding

    25. And most of all, every single "whoa whoa whoa".