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    This Interview With Paul Jennings Will Give You So Much Nostalgia

    The author and Round the Twist creator has opened up about his writing and his life.

    If you grew up in Australia in the last, oh, 30 years, Paul Jennings probably played a huge part of your childhood - whether it was through one of his brilliant books, or the show they inspired, Round the Twist.


    In a new interview with Marc Fennell on The Feed, Jennings opens up about his writing and his life.

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    On writing for children, Jennings says it's important not to patronise them and to be able to remember what it actually feels like to be a kid.

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    He says his main characters are always versions of himself - "loners, and shy boys and girls." He also admits he stopped writing for years after an early rejection, and it wasn't until his forties that he had success.

    Of his own childhood, Jennings reveals how hard his father was on him and how he felt he hated him.

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    He also talks about his work on Round the Twist, and what it was like to turn his books into a show.

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    At 74, Jennings is still writing - he has a brand new book out this week called A Different Dog.

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

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    (I'm SOBBING.)

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