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    33 "Parks And Recreation" Items You Should Treat Yo' Self To

    Clothes. Fragrances. Massages. Mimosas. Fine leather goods...

    1. Ron F*****g Swanson Brooch

    It's even made out of wood! Buy here.

    2. Scented Waffle Necklace

    Carry the scent of Leslie Knope's favourite food with you wherever you go. Buy here.

    3. Ron Swanson Quote Print

    Daily inspiration. Buy here.

    4. Mouse Rat Tee

    Show your support for pre-superhero Chris Pratt. Buy here.

    5. Batman Ben Keyring

    I'M BATMAN. Buy here.

    6. Ovaries Before Brovaries Pin

    #LifeMotto. Buy here.

    7. Leslie Knope Print

    8. Ron Swanson Mug

    Basically. Buy here.

    9. Whiz Palace Cross Stitch Pattern

    No whiz palace is complete without one. Buy here.

    10. Ron And Tom 2015 Diary

    See your brotp every day. Buy here.

    11. Beautiful Tropical Fish Necklace

    For the Ann to your Leslie. Buy here.

    12. Treat Yo' Self Tote

    Well, you heard the bag! Buy here.

    13. Parks And Recreation Earrings

    Just pick your character! Buy here.

    14. I Love You & I Like You Card

    Perfect. Buy here.

    15. Ron Swanson Necklace

    Give me all the bacon and eggs you have. Buy here.

    16. Donna Keyring

    Livetweet this. Buy here.

    17. Goddess Towel

    18. April Quote Card

    Sweet <3. Buy here.

    19. Ron Swanson Lego

    Yes thank you please. Buy here.

    20. Ben's Low-Cal Calzone Zone Mug

    Viva the calzone. Buy here.

    21. You Can Get It Print

    Errybody on that show can get it. Buy here.

    22. Librarian Print

    Embrace your position. Buy here.

    23. "American Recreation" Case

    The dream. Buy here.

    24. Colouring Book

    Fun for all ages. Buy here.

    25. Jerry Keyring

    Give Jerry/Garry/Larry some love. Buy here.

    26. Saints Leslie and Ron Candles

    Bow down. Buy here.

    27. Ron Swanson Nail Decals

    Ron would totally approve. Buy here.

    28. Tom Haverford Tote

    For round-the-clock Haverfordisms. Buy here.

    29. Vote Knope Mug

    Always a winner. Buy here.

    30. April Ludgate Keyring

    For the April in us all. Buy here.

    31. Li'l Sebastian Towel

    RIP Li'l Sebastian. Buy here.

    32. Leslie Knope Mug

    Remember your priorities. Buy here.

    33. Ron Swanson Toy

    As cuddly as the real thing. Buy here.