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    The 23 Most Awkward Dad Photos Of All Time

    Apparently it's his mission in life to embarrass you.

    1. This loving embrace.

    2. This mulleted papa.

    3. This photobomber.

    Flickr: coreyann / Creative Commons

    4. This trickster.

    5. This shining career example.

    6. This thoughtful father.

    7. This under the sea shot.

    8. This dog whisperer.

    9. This pirate.

    10. This ninja.

    11. This skilled fisherman.

    12. And this huntsman.

    13. This heavy lifter.

    14. This dummy.

    15. This slam dunk.

    16. This kangaroo dad.

    17. This warrior.

    18. This good sport.

    19. This late sleeper.

    20. This Christmas card.

    21. This glamour shot.

    22. This matching pair.

    23. And this clown.

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