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Meanwhile In Australia...

Things that make you go STRAYA.

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1. Goats are winning in court. And at life.

2. Crocodiles are chillin' in utes.

3. ...when they're not attacking helicopters.

4. Men are punching crocodiles.

5. And snakes are eating them.

6. The spiders have outsmarted us.

7. Kangaroos are having a lot of ~fun~.

8. And cuddling their teddies.

9. ...when they're not brawling in the street.

10. ...or hunting unsuspecting humans.

11. Koalas are just popping to the shop to get some milk.

12. Vegemite is infecting chocolate.

13. Thongs are available in vending machines.

14. This is on TV in the mornings.

15. Mad Max is looking more realistic than ever.

16. The birds are dangerous AF.

17. Buck's nights are getting out of hand.

18. ...and so are pigs.

19. Rod exists.

20. does this little guy.

21. And we are all out of fucks.