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    New Zealand's Prime Minister Has A Really, Really Hot Son

    Here he is posing in his underwear.

    This is Max Key. He's the son of New Zealand prime minister John Key. He's a music producer and uni student. He's also really happy to pose in his underwear.

    He got his gear off for a photo shoot with Remix Magazine, and it's quite something.

    The photos have caused some controversy – but not because of Key's near-nudity.

    When Key posted this shot to Instagram, people were quick to criticise the fact that he is holding a cigarette – especially because his father recently outlined tough anti-smoking plans.

    Key is yet to respond to the controversy, but had earlier told the magazine that he tries to avoid getting caught up in politics.

    He did the photo shoot and interview to promote his music, which he said had "nothing to do with politics or my dad's job".

    "My parents are pretty comfortable with me doing all of this stuff," he told Remix.

    "I do always check out of courtesy, because Dad does have an important job and I wouldn’t want to screw anything up."

    "I don't really see anything wrong with having your top off," he said.

    The full interview and photo shoot will appear in Remix, on sale 9 June.