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This Comic Inserts Men's Rights Comments Into Jane Austen Scenes And It's Perfect

"I don't need feminism because I think a man looks nothing without regimentals!"

Manfeels Park is a new web comic that takes actual comments from men on the internet and puts them into scenes from Jane Austen's stories.

Because basically, that's where they belong. In the 19th century.

The comic also uses the real responses of women, and they don't seem too far out of place in the mouth of Lizzy Bennet. Coz she's awesome, duh.

The comic is the brainchild of Mo and Erin, who were inspired after discussing the "man-feels" on an internet comment thread and realising it was the perfect pun for Mansfield Park.

From there, the magic of Manfeels Park was born. Erin helps to collate the comments while Mo draws the comics by hand-tracing stills from Jane Austen adaptations - so far, exclusively from the iconic BBC production of Pride and Prejudice.

Mo says this adaptation is perfect not only because it's so recognisable, but it also means they can use amazing scenes like "Darcy jumps in a pond because of his man-feels".

The comic is updated weekly, and you can check it out here, or follow on Tumblr.

Don't worry Darcy, we still love you. Even if you're full of man-feels.