31 Love Stories In 140 Characters Or Less

It’s a love story, baby just retweet it.

Penguin Teen asked their followers to create a #TwitterLoveStory to win these books, and the results were…interesting.

1. There were some cute stories…


Girl: this dish tastes so good! Boy: Cooking is my favourite pass time. Girl: eating is mine! ..and they lived [still] HEA #TwitterLoveStory

— Lina Gomez (@FromtheVerge)

At lunch, he was too shy to wave to the new boy. Next period, he smiled. On the bus, they shared a seat and their secrets. #TwitterLoveStory

— Christie Speich (@christiespeich)

7. And some personal ones…

@PenguinTeen At the library He slept. She was reading. He woke & saw Her. Love was instantaneous. #TwitterLoveStory << (How my parents met.)

— Margot Wood (@margotwood)

@PenguinTeen Boy sees girl at party & asks for a date. Date for a year. Elope 72 hrs before he deploys to Iraq. #twitterlovestory (my story)

— Maura T (@armywife2310)

@PenguinTeen He was an athlete. I was a theater geek. We both loved Lord of the Rings. Movie marathon changed everything. #TwitterLoveStory

— Jenna Goodall (@jenna_goodall)

He had me at "clearly the triangle shape of the prom dress represents the love triangle between Duckie, Andy, and Blaine." #TwitterLoveStory

— Ann Dee Ellis (@anndeeellis)

@Penguinteen I've loved him from the beginning, even if he's not as cute as he once was. #TwitterLoveStory

— Shae/Shelver (@ShaelynCherie)

#TwitterLoveStory I found him alone & abandoned. Gave him life & love. Now, he poops on the floor. #SamuelWilderness

— Mindy McGinnis (@MindyMcGinnis)

13. Then things took kind of a weird turn.

@PenguinTeen She looked into his eyes, he into hers, each longing to gobble the others wet, soggy, cornflakes #TwitterLoveStory

— Shelley (@GizmosReviews)

She wore horse masks. He was scared. #TwitterLoveStory

— Blythe Harris (@blythe_harris)

Deep dark below/ your teeth & bones/ I treasure them in boxes neat/ my white pearls and smooth ivory. #twtpoem #TwitterLoveStory

— alice (@kangaru)

@PenguinTeen There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. EXCEPT ONE. They got married. The end! #TwitterLoveStory

— Kayla DeGroote (@KaylaDeGroote)

Man creates dinosaur, dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth, falls in love with dinosaur. #TwitterLoveStory

— Megan (@bookbrats)

@PenguinTeen Jesse the pig loved farmer Kenny. Kenny fed him nice veggies. Then one day Jesse was herded into a room. #twitterlovestory

— Dan Krokos (@DanKrokos)

@PenguinTeen The demon promised Lucy he'd help kill her step dad, but really he just wanted her soul. Which he got. #twitterlovestory

— Dan Krokos (@DanKrokos)

20. But it was mostly hilarious…

"Ur hot." "Thx." #twitterlovestory

— Blythe Harris (@blythe_harris)

asl? #twitterlovestory

— brad esposito (@braddybb)

@PenguinTeen Boy meets girl. They fall in love. The ship sinks. There was definitely enough room on the raft to save Jack. #TwitterLoveStory

— Emma Mcelli (@Emmshtah)

@PenguinTeen Boy Meets Girl. Boy Eats Girl. Love among the zombies. #TwitterLoveStory

— Tiffany Reisz (@tiffanyreisz)

#TwitterLoveStory It was all destined to be...a love out of time... "There'll never be another," girl whispers softly to her plate of fries.

— Beth Revis (@bethrevis)

Work is dull, but he swoops in during her break, all charisma, inviting her on an adventure.When it's over, she'll reread. #TwitterLoveStory

— Alice in Readerland (@AliceReaderland)

@PenguinTeen 1. @ 2. Follow. 3. Subtweet. 4. DM. 5. Blocked. #TwitterLoveStory

— Keough Novak (@KeoNovak)

27. And pretty awesome.

Girl meets boy. Girl decides it's okay to be single and concentrates on her passion for archaeology. #TwitterLoveStory

— Chelsea M. Cameron (@chel_c_cam)

#TwitterLoveStory: Once upon a time a toad in disguise broke a girl’s heart. With a kiss, the princess healed it.

— Alice Janell (@adorablyalice)

Girl meets boy. Boy kisses girl. Girl runs away with boy's sister. They live happily ever after. #TwitterLoveStory

— Chelsea M. Cameron (@chel_c_cam)

Girl meets boy. Boy's an angst-ridden bad-boy bordering on sociopath. Girl dumps boy and runs off with someone else. #twitterlovestory

— Beth Revis (@bethrevis)

#TwitterLoveStory: She looked in the mirror and loved what she saw.

— Alice Janell (@adorablyalice)

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