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19 Times Australians Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr

"My dad just gave me a Golden Gaytime I've never been happier."

1. On appropriate baby gifts:

2. On Australian wildlife:

3. And the birds in particular:

4. On the time:

5. On Australian English:

6. And all its subtleties:

7. On Macca's:

8. And trying to translate Cheeky Nando's:

9. On cold weather:

10. On Australian delicacies:

11. And sausage sizzles:

12. And chocolates:

13. And biscuits:

14. And the greatest treat of all:

15. On the weather:

16. And the temperature:

17. On fashion:

18. On the Great Emu War:

19. And how it all began:

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