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    17 Etsy Items Kanye Would Definitely Purchase For Himself

    ###hashtag all positive vibes.

    1. This totally necessary Kanye doll.

    2. These custom Kanye socks.

    3. This beautiful tweetstorm mug.

    4. These his and hers keyrings.

    5. This print to remind yourself of your creative genius.

    6. This reminder to (not) smile.

    7. This campaign cap.

    8. And these campaign stickers.

    9. This celebratory card.

    10. This important print.

    11. This special way to tell someone you love them.

    12. And this golden mug version.

    13. These stickers that will show people what you really think of them.

    14. This handy bookmark reminder.

    15. This perfect tote.

    16. This happy mug.

    17. And this message to everyone to not interrupt your important work.