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27 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up Your TV Addiction

"Just one more episode..."

1. On the irrelevance of recaps these days:

2. And the pain you feel when you're all caught up on a show you've been bingeing:

3. On the sheer number of shows you watch:

4. Seriously, there's not enough time in the day:

5. On the few shows you don't watch:

6. On miscommunication:

7. On your personality:

8. On avoiding spoilers:

9. And having them shoved in your face anyway:

10. On the many reasons you watch TV shows:

11. On the toughest decision you make every day:

12. On discovering the terrible fate of your new fave show:

13. On rewatching earlier seasons:

14. On this logic:

15. On the lies you tell yourself:

16. And how you treat yourself:

17. On this nightmare:

18. On finding your new best friend:

19. And your soul mate:

20. On your fave show's mid-season break:

21. On evening plans:

22. And weekend plans:

23. On that one show you can't quite give up:

24. On the emotional roller coasters of finales:

25. And finishing a show completely:

26. On this goddamn truth:

27. And how you really feel, at the end of the day:

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