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    I'm Obsessed With Jesper On "Shadow And Bone" And I'm Not The Only One

    Alina who? I only know Jesper.

    Shadow and Bone is a fantastic show with a great cast of characters, but let's just get straight to the point: None are greater than Jesper Fahey (played by Kit Young).

    He's confident and charming in a way that's endearing and not off-putting.

    Jesper walks through a market at night saying "Handsome decoy is also not a Jesper talent"

    His sense of humor is the best. He's quick-witted and funny, getting all the best one-liners on the show.

    Jasper lying on the ground saying "too soon to appreciate the irony, am I right? yeah, too soon"

    Also, he's got mad skills that he uses for (mostly) good.

    Jesper shoots a gun in the air while holding a goat

    But he's also a big ol' softie deep down.

    Jesper cuddles a goat and says "so soft"
    Netflix / Via

    Jesper + Milo = ultimate BrOTP.

    He's a total scene-stealer, and a lot of Shadow and Bone fans have quickly fallen in love with him (if they weren't there already thanks to the books)...


    Me looking at Jesper every time he's on screen

    Twitter: @idkyoong


    jesper smiling when inej and kaz were arguing is my serotonin.

    Twitter: @nikolaicarus


    no thoughts head full of jesper fahey

    Twitter: @wyvanecks


    who is the best grishaverse character and why is it jesper fahey

    Twitter: @bensdarklina


    Twitter: @mavenbf


    Twitter: @thcrowclub


    Jesper is easily the scene stealer in #ShadowandBoneNetflix 😭👏🏼

    Twitter: @gswizzelbooks


    this will be me every single time i see jesper fahey in the show

    Twitter: @dailywesper


    I believe in Jesper and the goat supremacy #ShadowAndBone

    Twitter: @wonderstruuck


    i wish i was the milo to someone's jesper

    Twitter: @bookmist


    what jesper was really thinking: #ShadowAndBone @milothegoat 🐐

    Twitter: @starlessjoost


    Twitter: @bwayisabella


    when jesper uses 1 million kruge to give milo a new wardrobe

    Twitter: @shadowandbone_


    no because i really though that i was going to die of laughter when ALINA KIDNAPPED HERSELF AND JESPER WAS JUST STANDING THERE WATCHING HER

    Twitter: @womensblade


    #jesper : I love my bi icon jesper fahey #ShadowAndBone

    Twitter: @wesperkanej


    kaz and jesper all throughout #ShadowAndBone:

    Twitter: @blackstcirs

    We need Season 2 just to see more Jesper (and also, you know, because it's a fantastic show).

    Jesper saying "I know. I'd miss me too. I'm fantastic"

    What were your fave Jesper moments from Shadow and Bone Season 1?

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