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    13 Struggles Only People Named Jenna Understand

    I will not answer to Jenny.

    1. You always have to clarify that no, it’s not Jemma, it’s Jenna, with an N. LIKE N FOR NELLY.

    MTV / Via

    Damn that m/n similarity.

    2. Seriously, despite having such a short, simple name, you spend a surprising amount of time spelling it out.


    3. More often than not people assume it’s Genna with a G, which is weird considering every Jenna you’ve ever met starts their name with a J.

    The CW

    4. Sometimes when you meet people they ask, “Oh is that short for Jennifer?” or just straight up call you Jennifer. Which is not, nor has it ever been, your name.

    5. Then there’s the dreaded Jenny. Y and A are very different sounds, OK?

    Working Dog

    6. Whether or not to give your J a little hat was a very big decision in your life.

    7. Your name is not really rare but it’s not super common either, so you get weirdly excited when a character in pop culture shares your moniker.

    Revolution Studios

    8. Although there was a period for all Jennas in the ‘90s when being associated with a dog wasn’t all that great.


    9. You feel an instant kinship whenever you meet a Jenna in the wild - combined with a brief niggle of protectiveness that the name is, like, YOUR thing.


    10. Finding stuff with your name on it isn’t always easy. Is a tacky keyring inscribed with "Jenna" really too much to ask?!


    11. For awhile there, whenever you googled your name, 70% of the results were porn.

    Now at least Jenna Marbles is the most prominent Google search (sorry, Jenna Jameson).

    12. Channing Tatum married a Jenna, which is a win for all Jennas but also a loss for all Jennas who are not Jenna Dewan-Tatum.


    13. Jenna means "heaven", which is frankly an accurate summary of your presence.



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