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    19 Reasons Jen Lindley Was Actually The Best Character On "Dawson's Creek"

    Say it with me now: Jen deserved better!

    1. Jen Lindley, played by the magnificent Michelle Williams, was the best character on Dawson's Creek. She had so much crap thrown at her (seriously, the writers did her dirty) but she was resilient and more powerful than any terrible storyline she was bogged down in.

    Image set of Jen talking about how bad her life is

    2. She always stayed true to herself, even if other people didn't quite get her.

    Jen saying "This isn't a funk, it's my personality"

    3. Like, even when she became head cheerleader against her will, she didn't compromise on who she was or what she stood for — and was totally iconic as a result.

    Jen doing a deadpan cheer

    4. She always voiced her opinion and fought for what she thought was right.

    Jen advocating for euthanasia in class

    5. She called out sexist bullshit over and over again:

    Jen ranting about the historically sexist use of the word "witch"

    6. She consistently and respectfully expressed her boundaries.

    Jen telling Grams she wouldn't say grace

    7. And she did it all with a keen sense of humor.

    Jen asking Grams to say the word penis

    8. Despite being slut-shamed both implicitly and explicitly throughout the course of the show, she was very sex positive.

    Jen giving Dawson sex advice

    9. She was smart and quick-thinking in every situation.

    Jen covering up Joey's lie to a boy

    10. She refused to give in to petty girl-against-girl fights, and always worked hard to be a good friend to Joey, despite Joey not entirely deserving it a lot of the time.

    Jen saying "Joey I plan to make it really hard for you not to like me"

    11. She also wasn't afraid to call out Dawson on his ridiculousness.

    Jen calling Dawson out

    12. She had to deal with a lot of garbage men...and she knew exactly how to deal with them.

    Jen dumping a drink on Charlie

    13. She was always unafraid to express her feelings.

    Jen telling Joey she loves her

    14. And she devoted herself to the people she cared about.

    Jen telling Dawson she would do anything for him

    15. She put the work in to improve her relationship with Grams, and it was beautiful.

    Jen encouraging Grams to try new things

    16. And she formed her own family with Jack, creating the actual most interesting soulmate bond on the show.

    Jen giving Jack advice

    17. In general, she was excellent at giving advice to everyone.

    Jen giving Pacey love advice

    18. She was a literal shoulder to cry on for the whole gang.

    Jen comforting Dawson

    19. And even in her dying moments, she was a good friend, a great listener, and funny as hell.

    Jen comforting Jack while lying in a hospital bed