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For Everyone Who Misses The White And Gold Dress

I was young and foolish and now I can't go back.

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You stared at the dress for hours, waiting to see WTF they were talking about.

I have been staring at the dress waiting for it to ~change for me~ AND ALL I SEE IS WHITE AND GOLD


You could KINDA see the blue - MAYBE - but the black MADE NO SENSE AT ALL.

I ~understand~ how some people could see blue. I don't, but I understand it. It's seeing the black part that baffles me COMPLETELY.

And then, just like that, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Suddenly, you saw the blue and black, and you understood the truth.


And suddenly you found yourself staring at the dress again, trying to go back to how you saw it before.

I don't believe anything anymore. THE DRESS has ruined my trust in all things. I'll never love again.