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    John Green's Australian Publisher Fooled The World Into Thinking He Had A New Book


    While the rest of the world enjoys the last hours of March 31st, April Fools' Day is already in full swing in Australia. Penguin fooled a lot of people with this doozy:

    Exciting news: @PenguinTeenAus will publish ebook by @johngreen. The story of Augustus Waters and Caroline Mathers

    Quite a few people were taken in.

    @PenguinTeenAus @johngreen will it be available in the US and other markets as well or is this an AU exclusive?

    @PenguinTeenAus @johngreen ONDRRDTGBSSD

    @PenguinTeenAus @johngreen OAHDJCI I NEED THID SO BADLY

    Including, apparently, John Green's own American and international publishers.

    My American publisher and several of my international publishers fell for @PenguinTeenAus's April Fools Day joke.

    Never forget, world. We're always a step ahead (or, well, a day at least).

    (One must always bear in mind the date and time in Australia.)

    And thanks Penguin Teen Australia FOR MESSING WITH OUR EMOTIONS.