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Posted on 26 Jan 2017

People Are So Happy The Song "January 26" Is In The Hottest 100

"You can come and wave your flag, it don't mean a thing to me."

Anti-Australia Day song "January 26" by A. B. Original has placed 16 in Triple J's Hottest 100.

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The protest song is about how offensive it is to Indigenous people that Australia Day is celebrated on January 26 - the day the Union Jack was raised in Sydney Cove after the arrival of the First Fleet.

Many fans were incredibly excited to see the song so high in the countdown.

Hell yes! This rules. #eattheflag


I really really really like that January 26 made it as high as number 16

January 26 by @ABOriginalBAM, a song by indigenous rappers criticising Australia Day, just made #16 in #hottest100.โ€ฆ


Chills down my spine with "January 26th" reaching 16 on the @triplej #hottest100 sweet as #changethedate #invasionday @BriggsGE @dansultan

Thanks to A.B. Original for January 26. This was my #1. Banger with message! #hottest100 #changethedate

the fact January 26 by A.B original came 16th is huge, hope the thousands of people listening to the hottest 100 heard the lyrics loud

However, some people were disappointed it wasn't higher.

Would have loved to see it top 10. Also album of the year for me

I wish it got higher but AB Originals at 16 is AMAZING! #changethedate #InvasionDay #hottest100 ๐Ÿ™Œ @BriggsGE @dansultan

This should have been bloody #1! Terrible team work, Straya

While others resisted the song's message.

#hottest100 reasons you should feel guilty for being a white Australian

@triplej you have absolutely ruined this day. Trying to make people feel guilty for what happened ~230 years ago #Hottest100 #notmyfault

Triple J said in a statement earlier this week they are reviewing the date the Hottest 100 takes place.

The review includes consultations with an advisory committee and "Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander media, language groups, and many of the Indigenous artists featured on Triple J.โ€

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