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30 Instagrams That Take You Behind The Scenes At The Logies

So. Many. Selfies.

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1. Jennifer Hawkins was almost dressed.

2. Jesinta Campbell was fully dressed.

3. Sam Armytage did before and after shots.

4. Steven Khalil showed off his custom creation for Paula Abdul.

5. Dannii Minogue showed off her bling.

6. Ada Nicodemou showed off her baby bump.

7. Larry Emdur revealed his Logies necessities.

"Packing 4 Logies. Emergency alcohol? Tick... bullshit-o-meter? Tick... scourer to help colleagues remove excess fake tan? Tick. knife to stab people in the back?Tick..matches to set off venue sprinklers if it gets boring? Tick ...medical grade rubber gloves for miscellaneous ? Tick ..jug incase I can't get to the bathroom in time? Tick ... Ok I'm sooooo ready ..."

8. Lincoln Lewis suited up with his dad Wally.

9. Demi Harman took a glam mirror selfie.

10. Glenn McMillan was late because he was watching the football.

11. David Campbell fanboyed over James Callis.

"I am peaking this #Logies already. Look James Callis from Battlestar Gallactica!! Geeking out. #BSG #fun #photooftheday #nerd."

12. Lisa Wilkinson fangirled over Kylie.

13. Home and Away's River Boys scrubbed up alright.

14. As did the other Home and Away boys.

16. Jason Hodges took the Sunrise Cash Cow as his date.

17. Whatever this is happened.

18. Alex Perry gave some Blue Steel with Melissa Hoyer.

19. Angela Bishop blended in with the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

20. There was the obligatory Ellen-style selfie.

23. And another.

Damn you Ellen what have you done.

24. Michelle Bridges and The Commando got their selfie on too.

25. And Ed Sheeran took a lot of selfies with fans.

26. There was the obligatory photobomb.

27. Kylie Minogue was flawless.

28. Jason Derulo proved people look really silly when doing the "Fashion Turn".

29. The Home and Away boys got into the candy bar.

30. And the Redfern Now cast were adorable.