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27 Reasons Rafael And Jane Belong Together On "Jane The Virgin"

Michael can GTFO tbh.

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4. He also looks incredibly, incredibly, incredibly good without one.


5. Let's not even start on the wet shirt look (and also: the fact he jumped in the pool to ~save~ Jane without hesitating even though lol it was totally unncessary).

6. He and Jane have an amazing connection. Remember that time they stayed up all night just talking?

8. They have fun doing literally anything together. Like shopping at Target.


9. Their first* kiss was completely mind-blowing.

*OK this was their second kiss, but it was their first one after they ~knew~ each other.

10. And every other kiss after that was pretty amazing too.

11. Honestly, their chemistry is just 🔥🔥🔥.


13. And Jane was actually so happy when they were together.


17. Seriously, look at this look.


22. It's basically the most adorable thing ever.

24. Plus he and Jane make a really great team.