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This "Mad Max" / "Adventure Time" Mashup Is Totally Mathematical

The Land of Ooo was post-apocalyptic Australia all along.

Artist and musician Ryan May of City of Pyramids has created this brilliant mashup of Adventure Time and Mad Max: Fury Road.

May told BuzzFeed that as soon as he saw Mad Max: Fury Road he knew he had to do the mashup, after previously creating one featuring Adventure Time and Aliens.

"Finn is the total rebel hero so he had to be Max, and Bubblegum is such a powerful female that she had to be Furiosa with an arm made out of candy."

"The rest pretty much fell into place," said May, who turned the Ice King into the perfect Immortan Joe.

And Marceline into the Doof Warrior. Oh. My. Glob.

You can purchase prints and see May's other mashups here.

H/t @MatWhi.