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27 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up What Life Is Like With Anxiety

Them: What state do you live in? Me: Constant anxiety.

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1. On always feeling uneasy:

2. And being a bit of a nervous wreck:

3. On the things that give you anxiety:

4. And what you have to look out for:

5. On the physical symptoms:

6. On trying not to worry:

7. And tripping yourself up:

8. On your place in the world:

9. On crippling self-doubt:

10. On having depression AND anxiety:

11. On crossing the worry threshold:

12. On relatable characters:

13. On trying to build relationships:

14. On feeling like your friends hate you:

15. And that literally everyone does, for that matter:

16. Even if you've known that person for a really long time:

17. On going out even when you don't want to:

18. On scary questions:

19. And unhelpful advice:

20. REALLY unhelpful advice:

21. On faking it:

22. And getting really good at it:

23. Even though on the inside you're screaming:

24. On imagining another life:

25. On trying to be OK:

26. On just wanting it to stop:

27. And on how strong you truly are: