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    Stop Everything And Listen To This Amazing Taylor Swift Mash Up

    Everybody wins.

    For the last week, the internet has been going crazy over #Tay4Hottest100.

    There's been think pieces, memes, controversies and oh so many tweets, but by far the best response has come from Perth school teacher Jaymee Franchina, who spent 72 hours creating a glorious mixtape of Taylor Swift vocals and samples of popular songs from the last 20 years of the Hottest 100.

    Listen to the whole thing below. It's long but it's WORTH IT.
    I would rather have her in the Triple J Hottest 100 then any arrogant producer that has made one good song and thinks that they have the right to be rude and obnoxious to others (trust me I have met my fair share of these people throughout my life within the music industry). My job as a high school teacher has made me view and hear a lot of negativity across all the students I teach and [it] has made me happy to see a famous role model out there setting a good example for those young adolescents and teenagers growing up within our modern society...Taylor Swift, you are a legend and it is on my bucket list to meet you. Hopefully this mixtape will put me one step forward in doing so and to be honest, I think you sound great with any Triple J song. x

    Franchina is not wrong. Check out the full list of tracks he used here. *Clicks play on mixtape, repeats forever.*


    H/T FasterLouder.

    Update: The mixtape has been removed from Soundcloud. :(

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