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    24 Photos That Prove Tom Hardy Is A Walking Work Of Art

    Welcome to my Tom Hardy Is Living Art exhibit.

    1. The Steal Your Heart In A Suit

    2. The Oh, Hello Tom

    3. The Nice To See You Tom

    4. Still Nice To See You Tom

    5. The Stern Face

    6. The Red Carpet Pose

    7. The Reverse Red Carpet Pose

    8. The Candid

    9. The Trench Coat

    10. 2 Trench 2 Coat

    11. The Trench Coat: Scarf Drift

    12. Trench Coat

    13. Trench Five

    14. Trench Coat Six

    15. Coat Seven

    16. The Fate Of The Coat

    17. The Probably Needed A Coat

    18. Puppy Love

    19. Double Puppy Love

    20. Seriously, The Guy Loves Puppies

    21. The Shades

    22. The Peaky Blinder Style

    23. The How Does He Look That Good With That Facial Hair??

    24. The Final One That I Couldn't Really Think Of A Name For But It's A Hot Photo Of Tom Hardy What More Do You Want