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    This Guy Did A Parody Of "Ocean Girl" And People Love It

    A new take on an Aussie classic.

    Ocean Girl is an iconic Aussie kids show from the '90s, about a teen girl from an ocean planet who tries to save the environment from a bunch of baddies.

    Comedian Aaron Gocs has released his own version of Ocean Girl, and it's quite something.

    Facebook: video.php

    Like the original, Gocs' Ocean Girl just loves the environment...

    ...and fights baddies...

    ...and, um, falls in love.

    There's even the iconic Ocean Girl swim.

    All set to the theme of H2O: Just Add Water. Makes sense.

    People are absolutely loving the video.

    There's already been requests for more.

    Apparently, there will be new episodes of Gocs' Ocean Girl in the future. For now, you can follow him on Facebook.