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25 Times Gilbert Blythe From "Anne Of Green Gables" Melted Your Heart

Jonathan Crombie died last week at the age of 48, but as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables he gave us many memorable moments.

1. When Gilbert first met Anne and was clearly delighted.

2. And was so impressed when she and Diana beat him in a three-legged race that he GAVE HER THIS ADORABLE WINK.

3. When Anne sat near him in class and he couldn't take his eyes off her.

4. And then he GAVE HER ANOTHER WINK when she looked his way.

5. Before flirting terribly by insulting her and getting a slate broken over his head.

The moment Anne Shirley won over Gilbert Blythe and every girl ever.

6. When he immediately apologised to Anne for calling her "carrots" and asked her not to be angry "for keeps".

7. When he was afraid Anne would hurt herself being a ridiculous show-off.

8. When Gilbert and Anne fiercely competed with each other at school.

9. And he still couldn't help but gaze at her lovingly.

10. But he wasn't afraid to call her on her BS either.

11. When he ~rescued~ Anne and didn't make fun of her too much.

12. And apologised once again for hurting her all those years ago.

13. When he drove Anne home and they were finally becoming friends.

14. When he was so damn proud and supportive of Anne and her ambition.

15. And she was having none of it, but he just DGAF.

16. When he was the one who clapped the loudest and longest.

17. When he and Anne shared a private joke.


19. When he gently caressed Anne's cheek like this.

20. And later danced with her in the garden.

21. When he confessed his feelings for Anne.

22. And tried to hide his own broken heart with words he didn't mean.

23. When he was incredibly sick but still put Anne before everything.

24. When Anne finally realised she was in love with Gilbert and he was so adorably happy.

25. And when they got married and lived happily ever after.

RIP Jonathan Crombie. Thanks for the memories.