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    People Are Praising The "Game Of Thrones" Crew After Seeing "The Last Watch"

    What a crew.

    The Last Watch, a documentary about the making of the final season of Game of Thrones, just aired, and it revealed some of the incredible work of the crew who made it happen.

    Mad respect to all the cast and crew that made Game of Thrones something incredible. The Last Watch documentary shows the amount of effort that went into it - mighty impressive stuff. BRAVO! And thank you. #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch

    It highlighted producers like Bernie Caulfield, who created a family atmosphere on the show...


    Prosthetics husband and wife team Barrie and Sarah Gower, who were away from their young daughter for the brutal Battle of Winterfell night shoots...


    Coffee van manager Leigh McCrum, who kept everyone's snack cravings satisfied...


    Production designer Deborah Wiley, who designed the incredible King's Landing set, among other things...


    Location manager Naomi Liston, who Got Shit Done...


    Head of snow Del Reid, who brought winter to Westeros...


    And, of course, directors David Nutter and Miguel Sapochnik, who put their heart and soul into the show.


    But one person really stole the show, and that was seasoned Game of Thrones extra Andy McClay.

    I don’t think there is a more pure human being than Andy McClay. I’m so glad we got to meet him and witness a part of his story tonight. #TheLastWatch #GameOfThrones

    He started off as a soldier in Stannis's army, and then moved on to fighting for Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards and beyond.

    The real star of the show, Andy fucking McClay. #TheLastWatch #GameofThrones

    A lot of fans have loved spotting him on the show over the years, so it was great to get to know the man behind the iconic — if wordless — role.


    As a superfan of the show himself, his excitement over being on set was a joy to behold.


    And his emotions on his last day of filming (he made it all the way to King's Landing, and Jon's confrontation with Grey Worm!) were incredibly moving.


    Viewers really loved watching him.

    #TheLastWatch documentary was this guy's episode 😂

    And there was praise for the crew overall.

    #TheLastWatch is a love letter to the #GameofThrones crew and they deserve every praise we can come up with.

    Whatever your feelings about Season 8, there's no doubt a lot of talented people worked really hard on it.

    Reminder that fans are able to feel immensely disappointed by the lazy writing that was evident this season and also have the utmost respect for the hardworking cast/crew. One doesn’t eliminate the other. So much respect for the whole team who put their all into it #TheLastWatch

    And they definitely deserve the respect and praise they're now getting.

    I am living for this documentary because there is just SO much that goes into filming and these people are FINALLY getting the credit they rightly deserve #TheLastWatch

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