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    This Is How Kit Harington Actually Reacted To THAT Death On "Game Of Thrones"

    He truly knew nothing.

    The Last Watch, a documentary about the final season of Game of Thrones, aired last night, and gave us a glimpse into the final table read of the show, in which the cast ran through the whole script together.

    Kit Harington, unlike the rest of the cast, decided not to read his script ahead of time, so he learned the big twists of the season in the room. As a result, his reactions are all very raw — especially when he learns about Jon Snow murdering Daenerys.

    Kit Haringtons first reaction to Daenerys death scene !😞

    He basically cycles through all the stages of grief in the space of three minutes.





    And, uh, acceptance?

    Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, is bemused by his whole meltdown...

    ...and then tries to disappear under the table.

    The interaction got a lot of viewers talking...

    look at this man, i mean... same kit same

    Also, every frame of Emilia Clarke’s reaction to Kit’s reaction to Dany’s death should be bronzed

    With many fans revealing how moved they were by Kit's emotional response.

    Kit Harington’s reaction to learning Jon kills Daenerys is literally better than the actual scene. #TheLastWatch #GameOfThrones

    Watching Kit react to the fact Jon kills Daenerys, brought tears to my eyes #thelastwatch #GameOfThrones @GameOfThrones

    Is it weird that I got more emotional watching Kit’s reaction to finding out Jon kills Dany than I did seeing Jon actually kill Dany? #thelastwatch #gameofthrones

    THIS WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER OMG 😭😭😭😭😭😭 #GameOfThrones #TheLastWatch

    Why am I crying watching kit harrigton at the table read through...this is so sad #TheLastWatch

    Honestly, Kit is just one huge mood.

    kit realising that jon snow kills daenerys while reading the scene is a huge representation of how i felt watching it

    Kit Harington’s reaction to learning Jon kills Daenerys is so relatable I can’t even. #TheLastWatch

    We are truly blessed that this was our Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

    emilia witnessing kit's raw reaction to the script breaks my heart into a million pieces

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