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27 Tumblr Posts About "Game Of Thrones" Season 6 That Will Make You Laugh

Separating Church and State: A How-To Guide by Cersei Lannister.

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1. On Melisandre:

2. On Jon Snow:

3. And his resurrection:

4. On House Stark:

5. On the moment Tormund saw Brienne:

6. And their future:

7. On the Tower of Joy cockblock:

8. On Ser Jorah:

9. On Hodor:

10. On Lyanna Mormont:

11. On Gendry:

12. On Arya:

13. On Jaime and Brienne's farewell:

14. On George R.R. Martin:

15. On Jon in the Battle of the Bastards:

16. And the episode in general:

17. On Ramsay's death:

18. And current status:

19. On Cersei's wild move:

20. And Jaime's return:

21. On the Tyrells:

22. On Sansa and Littlefinger:

23. On baby Jon:

24. On shipping:

25. On Daenerys heading to Westeros:

26. On the theme of the season:

27. And the whole damn show: