The Funniest "Kath And Kim" Moments, Ranked From "Ha Ha" To Pissing Myself

    Australian comedy gold.

    21. When Kim wanted some fruit in hospital.

    Sharon and Kim are in a hospital room; Sharon says "what about some fruit, Kimmy?" and Kim says "Oh, good idea, can you get me a cherry ripe? Jumbo size."

    20. When Kath said "I can't elope, Kim" while holding a rockmelon, aka a cantaloupe.

    Kath holding a rockmelon with text that says "I can't elope, Kim".

    19. Marion's obsession with Jarrah.

    Marion saying "anyone for Jarrah?"

    18. When Kylie Minogue played a grown-up Epponnee-Rae.

    Close up of a Kylie dressed in a bridal veil with blonde ringlets and the caption "Look at moi ploise"

    17. When Sharon had an existential crisis after Kim ate the last Billabong.

    Image set in which Sharon says "maybe I'll drown my sorrows in a Billabong", Kim says "none left" while eating a Billbaong, and Sharon cries saying "nothing goes right!"

    16. All of Prue and Trude's rhyming exchanges, but especially the jojoba one.

    Image set of Prue and Trude in their store, the text reads "the little man from Beach Tree and Son's is coming over to talk jojoba"; "Oh, I hope he's sober"; "Oh we've got stacks of jojoba left over from October"

    15. When Kat got cracking on her important projects.

    Kath says "better get cracking on some of those important projects of mine" and proceeds to peel stickers off apples

    14. When Kim returned home to find her room had been transformed into Kath's gym so she could keep herself trim.

    Kath wears workout gear and Kim looks at her exercise equipment; text on the image reads "I like to keep myself trim Kim. Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?"

    13. The entire race day sequence, but especially the carrot in Kath's fascinator.

    At the racetrack, Kim points to Kath's fascinator with text that reads "you got a bit of carrot stuck in your fascinator"

    12. Asparagus Spears. Asparagus. Spears.

    Kath and Kim talk in the bathroom; the text reads "Look at me, Mum. Don't you think I look like Britney Spears?"; "Yes Kim, you do, you do! You could be her sister, Kim. Asparagus! Asparagus Spears. Do you get it?"

    11. Kath's chooky moment.

    Kim looks at Kath who is moving like a chicken, the text reads "bkurk Mum! You're chooky!"; "What?! Don't be a fool Kim?"; "And you've got crow's feet"; "What do you mean Chooky, Kim?!"

    10. When Kath found out Kel was a Swans supporter.

    Kath wears Tigers merchandise and Kel wears Swans; the text reads "Come on Kel, we don't want to miss our first footy match together...get out! get out of my house!"

    9. When neither Kath nor Kim could name the prime minister of Australia.

    Kath is on the phone while Kim sits on the lounge; the text reads "Kim quickly! For $500 who's the Prime Minister of Australia?"; "I dunno!"; "Uh Peter, I'm going to have to pass on that. Oh him? I would've got that wrong!"

    8. When Kim had a sticky date.

    Kim holds up a fork with pudding on it, with text that reads "For your information, I do have a date! A sticky date!"

    7. Every time Kath and Kel danced, but especially the horizontal river dancing.

    Kath and Kel "dance" lying on the floor while four other people dance while standing behind them

    6. When Kath and Kel spent their honeymoon in the airport.

    Kath and Kel stand in matching sweaters in the airport, looking at each other

    5. When Kath turned her frustrations into art.

    A piece of art with a sign that reads "Waiting for Telstra: An Absurdist Piece, submitted by Kath Day-Knight, TAFE Floral Design"

    4. When Sharon tried to coach Kim through labour and was forever changed.

    Kim and Sharon are in hospital, both screaming; the text reads "It's alright Kimmy, Sharon will have a look! It's hideous, it's unnatural, god's a bastard!"

    3. When Kath married Kel and it was a complete and utter disaster.

    Kath walks up the aisle as Kim and other men looks on

    2. When Kim made a statue of little baby cheeses instead of Jesus.

    1. But, of course, the crème de la crème of all Kath & Kim moments was when Kim proved she was 100% done with being corrected on her pronunciation.

    Kim talks to Brett and his co-worker; the text reads "It is Chardonnay Kim"; "Alright then, Chardonnay, Chardonnay, you pack of chunts!"