27 Things Judy Blume’s “Forever” Taught You About Sex

    You read it under the covers every night... for research.

    1. You can have a genius I.Q. AND get laid by at least six different guys.

    2. But if sex is all a guy is interested in, you should dump his butt.

    3. Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.

    4. Nice kisses are warm but not sloppy.

    5. Guys like light blue on a girl more than any other colour.

    6. Going "parking" isn't safe because there are a lot of crazies in the world.

    7. Sometimes "going slow" means you need a minute alone.

    8. You can have sex without love.

    9. You have to be careful of pregnancy and venereal disease.

    10. In the old days, girls were divided into groups of those who DID IT and those who didn't - and "nice girls" didn't.

    11. Shampooing each other's hair over the sink is like the most romantic thing ever.

    12. Soft mattresses are no good for making love.

    13. Hate and war are bad words but fuck isn't.

    14. Your body can be ready when your mind isn't.

    15. Fathers can't stand the thought of their "precious darlings" having sex.

    16. "Came" doesn't mean actually physically ~coming~ someplace.

    17. Some (all?) guys name their penises...

    18. ...and talk about them like they're an actual person.

    19. Once you do IT you can't just go back to holding hands.

    20. Girls bleed the first time they have sex.

    21. If you have sex with a random you met on the beach you'll probably get VD.

    22. Guys can ~come~ even before they ~put it in~.

    23. And even when they're only a little bit ~in~.

    24. The first time probably won't be perfect.

    25. Some guys put aftershave on their balls.

    26. Sex is an antidote to death.

    27. Just because you have sex with someone and think you love them, it doesn't mean it's ~forever~.