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This Couple Did A Photo Shoot As Rey And Finn From "Star Wars" And It's Adorable

They even have a BB-8.

Victor and Julianne are an engaged couple from Utah who cosplay as Finn and Rey, and recently did a Jakku photoshoot that will make all Finnrey shippers very happy.

It's so damn perfect.


Victor told BuzzFeed the family drove about four hours to get to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes in Utah, which doubled as Jakku for their shoot with photographer Robert Lance.

"It was pretty windy and warm so it definitely felt like we were on Planet Jakku," said Victor. "Luckily we planned ahead and brought food and water."

Victor said he has been cosplaying for about three years, but this is the first Star Wars character he has tried.

And this was one of Julianne's first cosplays.

"She has always been into crafts, anime, sci-fi, and all the things that come along with being a nerd, so when she met me last year and knew that I cosplayed, she was so down," Victor told BuzzFeed. "I had never seen the original movies since I grew up in England, and she had never seen any Star Wars movies, so we did a marathon before The Force Awakens came out and fell in love with the franchise. We also immediately decided that we'd cosplay Finn and Rey."

Victor said it took a lot of trial and error to get their costumes just right.

You can follow Victor and Julianne's cosplay adventures here, and see more from this photo shoot here.