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28 Times Feminists Were Fucking Hilarious On Tumblr

"Makeup is false advertising!" Oh, that’s funny, because I’m not a product and I’m not trying to sell myself to you.

1. On turn-offs:

2. And trends:

3. On being heard:

4. And listening:

5. On female connections:

6. On ALL men:

7. On makeup:

8. On heroes:

9. On strategy:

10. And genius plans:

11. On perfect comebacks:

12. On consent:

13. On beautiful logic:

14. On facts:

15. On this lie:

16. And this statement:

17. On alternative names:

18. On hobbies:

19. On masculinity:

20. And how fragile it is:

21. On teen pregnancy:

22. On housework:

23. And the kitchen:

24. On "female privilege":

25. On Disney:

26. On male feminists:

27. On catcalling:

28. And on the friend zone:

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